My Life This Week

It’s been an exciting week in our house. Kevin and I decided this week we want to get a puppy!


I wanted to give him something really special for Christmas, and naturally a puppy was one of my ideas! But since getting a puppy is a big commitment and lifestyle changer, I wanted to make sure Kevin was on-board with the decision, too.

We decided now is a good time for us to get a puppy, so Kevin agreed to let me give him this spcial gift (took a LOT of convincing, let me tell you…) 😉

We’re getting a border collie! It’s a girl, but we’re not totally sure on the name yet. I’ll be sure to update you all with her name and tons of adorable pictures. 🙂

With our puppy on the way, my big project this week was prepping our house for our new little one!


First off, I specifically wore my new white dress pants (or, “cigarette pants” as my coworkers call them) this week because I won’t be wearing them again until our puppy is potty trained…


I also puppy-proofed the house…Moved things up off the floors. Moved Christmas ornaments higher up on the tree (yes, my Christmas tree is up!). Placed Christmas gifts in a tub instead of sitting under the tree.


I set things up in advance so we’re ready when she gets here. Put-together the new crate. Placed food and water bowls in the kitchen. Hung the leash and some plastic bags next to the door (trying to make potty-training as smooth as possible).


And of course…I got the carpet cleaner out and ready to use! Now all we need is our puppy!

I’m so excited for us to be puppy parents!



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