Win a $1500 Gift Card to Start Your Money-Making Dream!


I recently had the priviledge of being a part of the Money Making Mom book launch. You can read my review and take-aways in my previous post, Two Dares from Money Making Mom.

This book really has me brainstorming the ways I could use my gifts and talents to earn extra income. And if you, too, have dreams to start your own business, be a money-making mom, or just earn some extra income on the side, I have something awesome to pass along to you!

To celebrate the launch of Money Making Mom, Crystal Paine (author and blogger at is doing a $1500 Visa gift card giveaway in order to help someone else get started on their money-making dreams!

This giveaway ends in a few days, so be sure to enter soon!

And if you have any interest at all in starting your own business, I would definitely recommend you read Crystal’s new book. You can even read the first chapter free here, if you would like to “try before you buy.”

one woman


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