12 Goals for March

In case you missed it in my goal kick-off, I mentioned that I’m going to be sharing my monthly goals with you! At the beginning of every month I’ll post my goals for the month and give you a glimpse into how well I followed through with last month’s. (The pressure is on!)


Here are my goals for March 2015:


1. Read Bible every day

2. Finish memorizing Romans 1 by end of March (started at the beginning of the year and have had slow progress so far!)

3. Start serving weekly at church (it’s taken me some time to get plugged in at this new church campus, so I’m ready to finally get plugged into an area of service and get into a routine)


4. Perform an act of service 4 times a week

5. Read The Love Dare together daily


6. Eat vegetables 4 times a week

7. Price a Gold’s Gym Membership & decide if we want to join

8. Wear my retainer at night 4 times a week


9. Give someone a genuine compliment or expression of gratitude 3 times a week


10. Finish reading The Power of Habit

11. Clean my car

12. Make wedding photo CDs for parents before they visit

What are your goals this month?


2 thoughts on “12 Goals for March

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