Living Your Vision

Does this sound familiar: “There’s really no point to making new year’s resolutions – my dreams for myself are most likely unrealistic and when I inevitably fail to achieve them I’ll only feel worse about myself!” Sounds pretty bleak, but when every new year rolls around this is the prevalent mindset.

We get inspired to draft new year’s resolutions for ourselves, but all too many of us like the idea of making resolutions more than actually taking the time to do it. Maybe it’s due to laziness for some. But for many of us, I think the reason we never create resolutions is because deep down we know we will fail to complete it.


But, as I said before, we never just become who we want to be in a day. We get there through small steps, every single day.

That’s why it’s crucial to write out goals for ourselves. Our goals are those series of small steps, they are our game plan for reaching our destination.

That’s why every month I’m going to share my goals with you. At the end of the month I’ll let you see how well I was able to follow through with them. Hopefully together we can mutually inspire each other to keep pressing on and taking those steps to greatness.

If you missed out on making new year’s resolutions this year (or if you did happen to make some new year’s resolutions but have already failed), don’t beat yourself up! I have already failed at a few of my goals for this year. But every day is a new day and a new chance to press on towards where we want to be. There is no need to wait for the new year, the choice take forward steps starts now!

If you want to write some goals but aren’t sure where to start, the first thing you should do is think about who you want to be at the end of the year: where do you want to be in your spiritual life, how do you want to treat friends and family, where do you want to be with your finances, what personal weaknesses do you want to improve, what do want your health to look like, etc.

When you think about the person you want to be, it can be overwhelming. It can easily discourage us, as we begin to believe it’s impossible to ever reach such lofty ideals. But don’t let this vision-casting get you down! With intentional efforts, we can all make improvements every day – no matter how small!

So now, once you know who you want to be, next you should ask yourself, how will I make that happen, what are some small steps I can take now that over time will get me where I want to be? For example, if you want to be a more positive person at the end of the year, perhaps you could do things like write out things you are thankful for everyday, compliment someone at least 3 times a week, choose to point out a strength instead of criticize, etc. Think of the small steps you can take every day, every week, or every month to reach your target.

And, voila, you have goals! These small steps are your goals. Of course, you may need to tailor them to make them more specific and measurable. Also, it’s a good idea to make them time-bound – give yourself a “due date” or a “check-in date,” so you can re-evaluate how well you are keeping to this goal and make necessary changes.

Now, the only thing left is to DO them! This is the hard part. It takes a lot of intention to make our dreams a reality! But I hope that as we both work at our goals together, you’ll come to find that goals aren’t burdens bogging you down, but keys to unlocking great potential in your life, if you are just willing to put in a little hard work.



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